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Onward and upward

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Is it nearly the end of March already?!

Plans I made back in January took a back seat as I had some time out for wisdom teeth surgery. Something I have been terrified of having done since they first moved eleven years ago. I was hoping they would never cause a problem and they would stay put. Unfortunately, one deiced to try and come through, with no room available for that pursuit it became infected. My saving grace is that I only had two wisdom teeth to begin with and now two weeks later I am able to eat normally again and off the pain medication.

My writing is also back on track, with my second book in production. I have also completed a draft of a second Gorkle book and been sorting through old stories to decided which would make great picture books.

I also have three courses to complete this year. I am working through a diploma in Forensic Science, a course in writing chapter books for children and a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing.

I am always working on tweaking and refreshing aspects of this website too. The latest change is the addition of a shop, where anyone in Australia can buy my book (and soon to be books) directly from me. I have also updated the lists of where you can purchase Gorkle internationally, with direct links to store websites. I hope these features will make it easier for everyone to discover, purchase and enjoy my books.

With the last twelve months behind us, many have been taking stock of what's important and how they feel they can live a more fulfilling life. For me, it was time to turn in a new direction and follow my dream of becoming an author. From here, things will get better.

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