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Words create wonder in the stories they tell.  I am an editor who wants to help you create the most wonderful story possible.  My approach is to assist in grammar and spelling correction, and help you to improve the coherence, flow and structure of your piece, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.  I am also an Author and have been writing for many years.  My writing includes children’s books, adult fiction books and memoir pieces.  I am looking forward to working with you on your writing journey.

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Please review the below services and my approach to discover what I offer.  I am very happy to answer any of your questions, which you can ask using the contact page.


Manuscript Appraisal

General and comprehensive feedback.

I would recommend this as a first step.  This appraisal or critique is designed to provide you with valuable information to enhance and develop your manuscript. This can be done at any time during your writing journey.

As part of this appraisal I provide an in depth report plot, characters, settings/locations, conflicts, points of view and dialogue.

Structural Editing and Developmental Editing

If you are unsure how to put your story together, you may benefit from having a structural edit completed.  This form of editing will focus on content, structure, character development, dialogue, flow and organisation.

A structural edit combines the manuscript appraisal outlined above with notes on what you have written, what can be deleted and reworked. I also offer a developmental edit or ghost writing option to build your manuscript to reach a desired word limit.



This crucial stage of editing will scrutinise and analyse the manuscript, focusing on spelling, grammar, punctuation and continuation errors.  This edit is a line by line edit for consistency, accuracy and clarity as well as comments.

The level of copyediting required will depend on how well the manuscript has been written.  I will need to see a sample of the text in order to give a more accurate quote.


Proofreading is the last phase in editing and often gets missed. My proofreading service is a simplified copyedit, checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

This service can be undertaken if the manuscript only requires a light copyedit or as a final check for any errors that may have been missed in a copyedit.


Blogs and Webpage Content

I review and copyedit blogs and web content in word. I am also able to view a web page and give feedback but not change it.

Reports and Articles

When requesting editing for reports and articles or any other material, please view my qualifications and experiences on the ABOUT page to see if you feel I possess the knowledge and experience required to edit your writing.

These services can be provided individually or as a package. Please contact me to discuss your editing requirements further.


English: Australian

English: United Kingdom

English: United States


  • I begin with a discussion about what your goals for the manuscript are and what you are seeking from me.

  • I usually will combine a structural edit and a copy edit into the one process, however I am able to separate them if requested. 

  • The manuscript is returned with a detailed report

  • The service the author chooses from the list above will determine how in depth my edits will be.

  • Every service will include two reads of the manuscript.

  • I use track changes in word on a PC.  I can advise how track changes work if you are unsure.

  • I make comments and queries using bubbles on the manuscript.  After the author has reviewed these they are welcome to engage me for a further read through/proofread.

  • I can also view and make comments on PDFs, however these would be brief and not a detailed copyedit.

  • All work is treated with confidentiality.

  • Fees are in line with industry standards, however they are negotiable.


Airtasker Reviews:

Project: Edit of a blog

Jules S. said “Great work and quick turnaround. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.”

Click here to read the blog: (Titled Is ‘Hope’ the new ‘Resilience’?)

Project: 3rd Edit of my story

Errol M. said “Thank you. It was a pleasure. If I could give 10 stars I would. Would definitely recommend.”

Project: Editing of a large piece of writing

Nat H. said “Such a pleasure to work with and a great communicator”

Other Reviews:

I have known Penny for eleven years. During this time we were both members of a highly successful local community theatre company located on Sydney’s upper North Shore.  The company produced four main productions a year each with 18 performances plus children’s shows for 6 or 7 performances.

Penny’s voluntary work with the theatre company took many forms over a nine year period; including Stage Managing eleven full length published plays and three children’s shows, prompting at rehearsals, Front of House duties, props management, acting on stage and assistant to Directors. 

Once Penny was elected to the Committee, where she served for three years, she undertook a significant number of high profile duties such as liaising with members to coordinate volunteers for the Front of House Roster as well as Event Management for Christmas parties and Club Nights. 

Penny also single-handedly produced the monthly Newsletter “Noises Off” from April 2014 to July 2015, reporting on member news, theatre news and general theatre company business, which also required proof reading and excellent literacy.  Penny was relentless in the pursuit of accuracy and perfection and getting the job done with due attention to detail. 

To sum up Penny was a valuable and efficient member of the Theatre Company and I am delighted to congratulate her on her new career and wish her success in her new endeavours.


    Jan Johnson, Marsfield NSW

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