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Author and Motivational Talks


Author talks:

Author visits are currently available, in person and online via zoom.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Education and have worked as a casual primary school teacher for 8 years. During COVID-19 I decided to take a leave of absence from the classroom to pursue my other passion of becoming an author. In my author talks I bring my teaching experience and my love of books together to promote children's engagement and joy in the world around them through the power of words.

While my teaching experience has been in the primary school, I am very willing to speak to high school students and adult groups.

I hold a current NSW working with children check and a police check.

Topics to choose from as part of presentation:

A discussion about Gorkle and a book reading.

A discussion of using technology safely.

A discussion of being a good friend and respecting other people and their property.

A discussion about the process of self-publishing, what is involved.

How to create a character.

How to create a setting.

Words to create suspense and drama.

A general discussion about all of the above.

Q and A.

When making an inquiry:

Please indicate the age and size of the audience.

Topics for the presentation from the list above, or additional.

Time slots for each presentation (particularly if doing multiple sessions in a day).

Please consider time zones when contacting me. I am currently unavailable on Thursdays after 5:00pm Sydney time. I am very happy to present to anywhere worldwide via zoom, however the presentation content is aimed at the Australian curriculum.

I am also available for small group or individual writing workshops. When making your inquiry, please tell me what area of writing you would like to work on. Please note that I am more familiar with prose than poetry.

Zoom rates:

1 hour session $100

2 hour session $180

All rates and workshop content will be discussed and negotiated upon request.


If you wish to make an inquiry, please contact me.

If you would like to make an inquiry about a face to face visit, please do so, a tentative arrangement can be made and will be carried out in light of COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines at the time.

After your initial inquiry you will be contacted via email.

Motivational Talks and Discussions:

I have worked in the disability sector, been a carer, and have disabilities of my own. I understand what it is like to be seen as 'different'. I am developing talks and workshops to assist children, teens and adults feel confident in themselves and understand how others feel. My focus in inclusion and understanding.

If you would like to discuss these events with me, please contact me.

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