Rollo's Wet Surprise

ISBN- 978-0-6488372-1-3

Publication Date: 15th June 2021

Rollo is a dog that goes to work with his owner, Jim. Jim is a builder and when he is working, Rollo loves to explore all the different homes Jim and his team of builders work at.


One day, the builders are moving lots of big, heavy windows to a safe area. Rollo begins to explore this new part of the garden, and sniffs around.


While Rollo is exploring, he gets a very wet surprise.




Rollo_character_illustration1BW (002).pn

The inspiration for Rollo's Wet Surprise came from an actual event. My family were having the house rennovated by  Beecraft Pty Ltd. Each team of builders has a site manager. Our site manager, Jamie, brought his dog, Rocky, to work every day. Rocky was a very large, sweet natured, gentle giant who weighed 55kg and was 6 years old. Our window delivery arrived early, so Jamie and Alex had to store the windows somewhere. they decided to put them in the pool area where they would be safe. Rocky decided to follow them into the pool area and tried to walk across the pool, not realising what a pool cover was. He fell in. Lucky Rocky could swim and get out. It was a funny event that ended well, but I wanted to write a story about it, to show how important watr safety is.

Teaching Notes

Click here to download: Rollo's Wet Surprise Teachers' Notes (pdf)


These teachers' notes have been written by Penny Macoun. These notes are for educational purposes and contain the following sections: synopsis, about the author, about the illustrator, links to the Australian curriculum (Foundation to Year 2), and themes.


Our family were lucky enough to all read one of the first copies last night and we loved it! It’s funny and the illustrations are awesome- the kids really enjoyed reading the story of Rollo’s little misadventure- Great job Penny!

    Renee Mason

I Liked Rollo's Wet Surprise because he is really funny and he is different to dogs I know, because he doesn't like water.

    Daniel, aged 9