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The Christmas Door

ISBN- 978-0-6488372-2-0

Publication Date: 4th October 2022

Age: 4-12 years

The Christmas Door is a poem about the magic of Christmas. A little girl finds a door in the floor of her living room on Christmas Eve. When she opens it, Santa and his reindeer emerge to continue their present delivery. This poem teaches children about the magic of Christmas, and that being kind to others is just as important as gift giving. After all, being kind is more important than a toy.





Just the door3.png

I wanted to write a Christmas story that captured the magic of Christmas, something I still feel even today. I started to experiment with rhyme and rhythm and ended up creating a poem.

Teaching Notes

Click here to download: Rollo's Wet Surprise Teachers' Notes (pdf)


These teachers' notes have been written by Penny Macoun. These notes are for educational purposes and contain the following sections: synopsis, about the author, about the illustrator, links to the Australian curriculum (Foundation to Year 2), and themes.

This picture books content is aimed at younger readers, however the genre is suitable for older students learning and exploring poetry.

Book Launch Video

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