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ISBN- 978-0-6488372-0-6   
Publication Date: 5th November 2020

Gorkle is a gremlin who lives in cyber space.  He doesn’t like where he lives, it’s a miserable place because there are no bright colours anywhere.  He likes the look of Earth.  He really likes the brightly coloured text messages that humans send to each other, which he tries to keep.


One day, Gorkle is visited by two humans from Earth who are looking for the text messages that Gorkle has been keeping.


What will happen when they all meet?





The inspiration for Gorkle came from an actual event. I was texting a friend and I had accidentally sent a message with a letter instead of his name. Not wanting to appear rude, I sent another message straight away with his name. These text messages were sent only moments apart but my friend received the text message with his name very soon after I had sent it, but he received the text message with the letter instead of his name several hours later. When we realised what had happened I said, 'Perhaps there's a gremlin out there.' That is how I got the idea to write Gorkle.

These educational resources are based on the story of Gorkle have been designed by myself and Romi Sharp.


Teaching Notes

Click here to Download: Gorkle Teachers' Notes (PDF)

These teachers' notes have been written by Penny Macoun. These notes are for educational purposes and contain the following sections: synopsis, about the author, about the illustrator, links to the Australian curriculum (Foundation to Year 2), and themes.


I-Message Interactive Communication: Gorkle Education Activity

Click here to view:

Teaching resources created by Romi Sharp, Books On Tour PR & Marketing. These activities contain links to the Australian Curriculum, discussion questions, positive communication activities and paper tube craft activities.

Technology Can Be Fun, But Always Be Safe - Article by Penny Macoun

Click here to view:

This is an article I wrote about different forms of technology, both in the past and the present day and how to stay safe while using different forms of technology.

Character QandA with Gorkle

Click here to view:

This Q and A with Gorkle was conducted by Romi Sharp, Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

Introducing Gorkle and the text message mystery by Penny Macoun

Click here to view:

This page contains information about the author, the character, a review and a free download of the author snapshot, created by Norah Colvan @ readilearn.


Thanks to Books on Tour PR & Marketing for this video.


Dated 27th November 2020.

This video promotes Gorkle Blog Tour conducted in December 2020, it captures the story of Gorkle beautifully.

Gorkle Book Launch

5th November 2020


Blog Tour

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Reviewed by Melissa Gijsbers @ Read For Fun, 30th November 2020.

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Reviewed by Romi Sharp, Books On Tour PR & Marketing, 1st December 2020.

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Other Reviews

Gorkle is an epic children's book. I liked the dark forest theme. It would be very delightful for a young child aged 5 to 9. I was lucky to read one of the first copies. I think it's delightful.

    Stephen, aged 11

Gorkle is a magical little gremlin who longs for a spectrum of radiant colours in a world where he simply wishes for things that are different from his world. He hoards colours but it is however visitors from planet Earth that will find the solutions and friendship that Gorkle could not find on his own. Gorkle is a creative story about a gremlin living in an abstract world that will intrigue children's imagination throughout the story.

    Mark Alfano

Penny Macoun’s debut picture storybook, Gorkle, imagines what it would be like if Cyberspace were a real place, where gremlins can access text messages from Earth and squirrel them away for their own enjoyment.

When three-eyed gremlin, Gorkle, starts intercepting text messages and stops them reaching their intended recipients, Earthling intervention becomes inevitable. A pair of humans come to investigate, and Gorkle realises that, for the sake of earthly communications, some kind of compromise will need to be reached.


Gorkle is a charming, humorous and vividly illustrated story that explores themes of communication, technology and friendship. It will be an ideal prompt for home and classroom discussions about technological developments and the problems that can arise from them. It will also stimulate young minds to think more deeply about technologies that we all take for granted, and to ask questions about how they work and what our lives would be like without them.


Highly recommended.

    Cameron Macintosh

Children's stories author with qualifications and experience in her field, can't wait to read her works!!

    Marisa Tagliapietra

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