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Rollo's Wet Surprise Blog Tour

Rollo's Wet Surprise splashed onto the blogs of fellow authors and book enthusiasts in early July. When I write a story I hope that it will be received well by others and it is always a delight to read what people think of what has been created by yourself (the author) and the illustrator.

This blog tour also introduced a new Illustrator, Paul Nash. Interviews, reviews and snapshots appeared on the blog pages of Read For Fun (Melissa Gijsbers), The Book Muse (Ashleigh Meikle), In Their Own Write (Teena Raffa-Mulligan) & readilearn (Norah Colvan). I would also like to extend my gratitude to Romi Sharp from Just Write For Kids Australia & Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

To experience all the action again or for the first time, please follow the link below.

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