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Site terms and conditions


The purpose of this site

This website has been designed to provide information about Penny Macoun, her writing, her editing services, provide educational resources and purchasing opportunities. While the information on this site is free for download and to use in an educational setting, be aware that everything is subject to copyright by the copy right holder, either Penny Macoun or a third party who is clearly credited for their contribution. Please not unlawfully copy or use any material on this site for any other purpose than it was intended. Seek written permission if you are considering using anything on this site for other purposes, or any questions.


Top rules for visitors to this site:


  1. Assume everything on this site is copyrighted. Meaning you can’t use any material except how it says you can use it. Written permission is required for alternative uses. 

  2. All information on this site is as accurate as possible.

  3. Don’t Steal images or videos. As with point 1, assume everything is copyrighted, please seek specific permission before using anything anywhere else.

  4. This site and it’s designer cannot control the sites it links to. In some instances, there are reviews or educational material on other sites that this site links to. While this site makes every effort to link to reputable sites and sources, this site is not responsible for what those sites do.

  5. This site and its developers will always cooperate with legal requests.

  6. This site may change at any time. If the terms of this site also change, you are bound by those changes too.

  7. These terms and conditions are bound by the laws of Australia.


If you violate any of these terms may seek injunctive or appropriate relief in any state or federal court of Australia.


Any other disputes will be responded to as follows:

If a dispute arises under this agreement, this sites owner and developer will try to resolve it with the assistance of a mediator within Australia. Any costs associated with resolving a dispute will be shared equally.


If it proves a resolution cannot be agreed upon, this sites owner and developer will submit the dispute to a binding arbitration within Australia.

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