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Thank you for visiting my website, which has been created to showcase my books, editing services and book reviews.

I have a passion for the 'other worlds' that words create, which I hope to share with you for many years.

Purchase books directly from this site


Australian residents can now purchase books directly from this website via the SHOP Page.

International book purchases


For anyone living outside Australia who would like to purchase my books, links to all online booksellers can be found on each individual book's page.

Book Reviews

If you would like your book reviewed by myself and associate, Blue Bear, please contact us through the CONTACT page.

My Background


As an educator, I understand the importance of creating learning experiences for children that are fun and engaging. Whenever I pick up a book I think about how children will respond to it. Is the cover appealing? Is the title captivating? and What will the children learn from the story? are the questions I ask myself.


When I write a story, I write because I enjoy it, but as I write I am thinking about the illustrations and how the story will enhance learning experiences.

My Books

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