As an educator, I understand the importance of creating learning experiences for children that are fun and engaging. Whenever I pick up a book I think about how children will respond to it. Is the cover appealing? Is the title captivating? and What will the children learn from the story? are the questions I ask myself.


When I write a story, I write because I enjoy it, but as I write I am thinking about the illustrations and how the story will link to learning experiences.


Using my educational background I have created this page to assist teachers, librarians and parents to promote interest in reading and learning through the power of words.


The inspiration for Gorkle came from an actual event. I was texting a friend and I had accidentally sent a message with a letter instead of his name. Not wanting to appear rude, I sent another message straight away with his name. These text messages were sent only moments apart but my friend received the text message with his name very soon after I had sent it, but he received the text message with the letter instead of his name several hours later. When we realised what had happened I said, 'Perhaps there's a gremlin out there.' That is how I got the idea to write Gorkle.

These educational resources are based on the story of Gorkle have been designed by myself and Romi Sharp.

Teaching Notes

Gorkle Teachers' Notes

These teachers' notes have been written by Penny Macoun. These notes are for educational purposes and contain the following sections: synopsis, about the author, about the illustrator, links to the Australian curriculum (Foundation to Year 2), and themes.

I-Message Interactive Communication: Gorkle Education Activity

Teaching resources created by Romi Sharp, Books On Tour PR & Marketing. These activities contain links to the Australian Curriculum, discussion questions, positive communication activities and paper tube craft activities.

Technology Can Be Fun, But Always Be Safe - Article by Penny Macoun

This is an article I wrote about different forms of technology, both in the past and the present day and how to stay safe while using different forms of technology.

Character QandA with Gorkle

This Q and A with Gorkle was conducted by Romi Sharp, Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

Introducing Gorkle and the text message mystery by Penny Macoun

This page contains information about the author, the character, a review and a free download of the author snapshot, created by Norah Colvan @ readilearn.